High impact, value-creating Chief Financial Officer and CPA with law school education, who advances organizations by minimizing risk, preserving cash and growing equity.

Leverages personal qualities to enhance entity worth:
Methodical-High Standards, Right-Goal Focused, Integrity, Visionary/Insightful, Aware of and Reacts to Circumstances, Responsible, Determined, ‘Thank You' Carries No Cost, Thorough, and Clutch:

Value Creation

Bottom line driven, by "finding" revenue in such as non-invoiced services, optimizing tax refunds, cost/contract analysis, grasping and acting on market knowledge, and eliminating barriers to doing business.

Strategic Planning & Execution

Visionary leader who develops strategies touching all operational areas, seeking to improve performance via control metrics in sales, client service, and quality.

Accounting & Finance Infrastructure

Creates environments fostering continual training and education, dramatically increasing accounting & finance throughput with minimal staff increase. Runs highly efficient organization that adds to revenue while reducing costs.

Risk Management

Leads initiatives to mitigate foreign currency exchange and supply chain disruption risks. Vigilant in evaluating underwriting risks and identifying suspicious flow of funds.

Financial Management

Improves accountability and performance by standardizing contractual rates and terms across departments and setting compensation plans tied to current performance.


Consistently completes audits with no material adjustments and no significant auditor Management Letter findings under GAAP, IFRS, PCAOB, and regulatory.